Monthly Meeting: Quo Vadis?  (Where are you going?)

Quo Vadis brings together young men (18-35 years old) who are on the exciting, once-in-a-lifetime journey toward the answer to the question ‘what is my vocation?’ What is God calling me to do with my life – I only have one, after all! Is He calling me to generous service to the community in the single state? To the priesthood? To marriage? Or maybe to consecrated religious life? If this is a question that you are serious about answering, this group is for you!

The hope is that your participation in Quo Vadis will equip you to be men of discernment: men who have been given the tools they need to listen more closely and to hear the voice of God speaking to them. We will spend time learning about and discussing some of the tools for discernment, which will be of great assistance in our efforts to become men of discernment. But the actual practice of prayer that we will undertake together will be indispensable in acquiring the ability to discern. And discernment is a tool which will be of use to you throughout the entirety of your life. Finally, each of us stands to benefit from the fraternity we will experience – knowing that there are young, joy-filled men who are serious about holiness and about discernment is a great encouragement on the road to sanctity!

Please don’t let hesitation keep you from joining us – the right time is now! Saint Paul wrote “Now is the acceptable time; now is the day of salvation!” (2 Corinthians 6:2).

Saint John Paul II said, “Do not be slow to answer the Lord’s call!” From the Book of Exodus we can learn how the Lord acts in every vocation (cf. Ex 3:1-6, 9-12). First, he provokes a new awareness of his presence–the burning bush. When we begin to show an interest he calls us by name. When our answer becomes more specific and like Moses we say: “Here I am” (cf. v. 4), then he reveals more clearly both himself and his compassionate love for his people in need. Gradually he leads us to discover the practical way in which we should serve him: “I will send you.” And usually it is then that fears and doubts come to disturb us and make it more difficult to decide. It is then that we need to hear the Lord’s assurance: “I am with you” (Ex 3:12). Every vocation is a deep personal experience of the truth of these words: “I am with you.”

To discuss more about your vocation or to indicate your interest in attending a Quo Vadis? Meeting please contact the Associate Director of Vocations, Fr. Stephen DeCarlo.

Meeting Format

Our Quo Vadis meetings will take place on Saturday mornings from September to June at JPII House, beginning at 10:00AM either with Mass or with adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

  • 10:00 – Mass or Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  • 10:30 –  Coffee and social
  • 11:00 – Discussion
  • 11:45 – Questions and prayer
  • 12:00 – Lunch


The Peterborough Vocations Office is pleased to offer many exciting retreat opportunities for young people of all ages. We mix some elements of fun and challenge with meaningful conversations and opportunities for prayer, making for a great weekend! Many young people have already benefited from these retreats, and we hope you will too!

Retreats for Young Men in High School

The Vocations Office hosts Carpenter’s Cup retreats for men in high school. Throughout the course of the weekend-long retreat, young men compete in different activities for a chance to win the Carpenter’s Cup trophy and an additional prize! Young men can register in teams of two or individually, and past competitions have included sports, fishing, gaming and a log-sawing challenge! Check our Upcoming Events page for details about upcoming Carpenter’s Cups.

Retreats for Young Women in High School

Every year, the Vocations Office hosts discernment retreats for high school-aged young women called Sisters in Christ retreats. Students are given a chance to deepen their prayer lives, to talk openly about the challenges facing young women today, and to celebrate Mass together. There is always an element of challenge and excitement woven into these retreats, too!

Young Men

Every summer, young men (aged 18-35) are invited to a Discernment Retreat hosted by the Vocations Office at a Beautiful Mission Church on Lake Rosseau in Muskoka. Usually occurring in August, this retreat affords men the opportunity to step away from the ordinary flow of their lives to learn more about discernment, to benefit from the guidance of a retreat master and to ask God for clarity in their vocational discernment. In consideration for those with busy work schedules, this retreat is structured to accommodate those young men who can attend for just the weekend, while also offering a weeklong program for those who can make a commitment of seven days. Any interested young men can contact Father Stephen for more information and to register.

Young Women

Every January, university and college-aged young women (aged 18-35) are invited to the FIAT Discernment Retreat hosted by the Vocations Office. This weekend long event gives young women an opportunity to learn more about the Vocations of committed single life, married life, and consecrated religious life. Women who have said ‘yes’ to each of these vocations are invited to the retreat as guest speakers, and a wonderful spirit of community and prayer surrounds retreatants.


Peterborough loves hockey, and, even though Fr. Stephen is more of a skateboarder,  so does the Peterborough Vocation Office! Each year there are a number of events hosted by the Vocations Office that involve hockey.

Father Costello Classic Hockey Tournament

Each year the Vocations Office holds a hockey tournament in honour of Father Les Costello, co-founder of the original Flying Fathers.  Eight teams from Peterborough and the surrounding area face off for the Cup! Although there’s only one trophy, everybody truly wins in this tournament — because Jesus truly does save!

Vocations Hockey Games

The Peterborough Vocations Office hosts hockey games throughout the year, and young men and women are welcome to join! Sometimes these games are between youth

from different parishes, and sometimes they are between young people from our diocese and the seminarians from Saint Augustine’s Seminary in Scarborough. Afterwards, we share a meal, and prayer and a great talk. Lace up and come on out!

Theology on Tap

With the help of some of the young adult groups in the city of Peterborough, the Vocations Office helps to coordinate Theology on Tap events in the city. Theology on Tap brings young adults together in a relaxed pub setting to have a conversation about matters of faith. These have been wonderful opportunities to build community and to learn about the Christian faith.

Ordinandi Dinner

Every February, the Serra club of Toronto hosts the Ordinandi Dinner. About 1800 people attend this amazing event, which features the young men graduating from Saint Augustine’s Seminary and being ordained priests (the ‘Ordinandi’). The highlight of the night comes when the Ordinandi share their vocation stories – how they became aware that God was calling them to the Holy Priesthood and how they found the courage to say ‘yes’!