Adtertising banner for the book True NorthTrue North: A Roadmap for Discernment

Follow God’s will. Just discern it. Ask God to help you with that big decision.

You’ve probably heard those phrases at some point in your life as you were trying to make a decision. Maybe you want to decide the best place to go to college, whether or not to take a new job, if you should stay in a relationship, or maybe you just want to know what God’s will is for your life regarding your vocation.

This book is written to help you discern God’s will for your life in a way that is transformative, rather than stressful. Not only will it take the fear out of discernment, it will allow the process to become a part of most of the decisions you make.

Advertising banner for the book I Choose the SkyI Choose the Sky: A Scriptual Devotion for Women

This book is about seventeen women who chose to raise their eyes heavenward toward God by living lives of hope, boldness, generosity, and great faith. These are women of the bible whose faith will radically challenge you, encourage you, and move you to understand your faith in a new and beautiful way.This scriptural devotion for young women will inspire you to raise your head and look into the eyes of Jesus, the God who loves you. This is more than a book – it is a challenge to make a choice. We can spend our lives downcast, or we can lift up our eyes to choose beauty – to choose Jesus – and to choose the sky.

Advertising banner for the book Moving ForwardMoving Forward: Staying Catholic in College

The transition out of high school for a Catholic teen is a defining moment, simply because their faith will be tested. This book is aimed towards graduating seniors (and anyone still adjusting to the college scene) in hopes that as they move forward, their faith will move with them. The book includes practical wisdom on how to successfully transition into college and not only survive but thrive in your Catholic faith.

The book covers 60 topics with timely insights in how to deal with everything from challenging roommates to handling homesickness to finances and study habits. The book also doesn’t shy away from hard-hitting subjects like dealing with addictions, failure, and relationships gone wrong.

Over 30 writers contributed to Moving Forward: Staying Catholic in College. Some writers are still in college today, but other writers are older and have had years to reflect on their college experience. Because of their unique points of view, the finished book is both fresh and timeless. Key writers include Mark Hart (Catholic author, speaker, and radio personality), Jackie Francois (Catholic speaker and recording artist), and Matt Smith (Catholic speaker and blogger). This is the perfect gift for graduating seniors as they leave your youth group and move forward.


Advertising banner for the Cherubs' Cupboard Catholic Book & Gift storeCherubs’ Cupboard: Catholic Book & Gift Store

Cherubs’ Cupboard is a family operated Catholic Book & Gift Store that has been serving the Durham Region for over 25 years.Located in Oshawa, ON they are your local source for Sacramentals, books, rosaries, statues, and gifts for Baptism, Communion, Confirmation and Weddings.

To Save a Thousand SoulsTo Save a Thousand Souls: A Guide for Discerning a Vocation to Diocesan Priesthood

Author: Fr. Brett Brannen

Written by a Vocations Director with 10 years of experience with helping young men discern whether they are called to become parish priests, this book contains all kinds of helpful tips for discernment. After covering the basics of what a priest is and what a priest does, the book covers important questions every young man has about celibacy, about what seminary is like and about how to talk to parents and friends about this growing sense of calling. Father John Perdue has complimentary copies of this book available through the Peterborough Vocations Office.


Discerning the Will of GodDiscerning the Will of God

This helpful and easy-to-read book guides readers through the process of discovering God’s will. The author, Father Timothy Gallagher, uses tools and methods that are helpful in small and large decisions. The methods used come from St. Ignatius of Loyola, a spiritual master of discernment. This is a very helpful guide for those discerning their vocation!

Link - Vianney Vocations

This American-based organization provides great resources for promoting awareness about vocations: prayer cards, posters, books, etc. If your parish vocation team is looking to purchase materials for the youth in your parish, check this out!

Link - Diocesan Priest

This website provides great information about what the vocation to become a Diocesan Priest looks like, and how to discern whether this might be your vocation. A great resource to recommend to young men you may see in your parish who might have a call to the diocesan priesthood.

Link - World Day of Prayer for Vocations

Once a year the universal church celebrates Vocation Sunday, also known as ‘World Day of Prayer for Vocations.’ This website gives wonderful, information about Vocation Sunday, including the annual message from the Holy Father on Vocations, prayer cards for purchase, and much more.

Link - Vocation Network

his is a great website to recommend to young people who are trying to discern their vocations. Great testimonies, videos, and even a ‘Vocation Match’ questionnaire. Recommend this in bulletins, on posters, on your parish website and in person!

Link - Knights of Columbus

Vocations are very close to the heart of the Knights of Columbus. Their website provides helpful information about vocations in general, and gives access to very affordable vocation-promotional materials that can be purchased online.

Link -

This website is particularly intended for young men and women who are actively discerning what their vocations are. Testimonials are provided, as well as helpful advice on how to discern which vocation God is calling one to.

Link -

A Canadian-based vocation website that provides young people with excellent materials about how to discern one’s vocation, and also connects them with vocation directors from various dioceses and religious communities.

Link - Discerning Hearts

This website connects young people to dozens of helpful podcasts on the topic of vocational discernment. This is a great resource to recommend to any young people in our parishes who are actively trying to figure out what their vocations are.